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Raphael Gabriel is in the business of making shirts. We endeavour to distinguish ourselves in the tailor-made shirt business through our focus on the creation of each piece with flair, elegance and refinement. We do this with exceptional quality and customer care. The fabrics available at Raphael Gabriel are mostly 100% cotton and are carefully handpicked for their quality and unique designs. The fabric is mostly weaved in Japan and Italy. Over at Raphael Gabriel, there is a fine selection of materials, sourced from places renowned for their fabric, such as Egypt, Japan, Thailand, England and Italy, to choose from to create that personalised and tailored fit.

Raphael Gabriel believes that tailoring is an art form which involves the supreme mastery of accurate measurements to enhance the individual's body shape. We use a total of 16 specific measuring points to accurately map out the contours of one's body. We also customise our shirts through variable collar height and additional measuring points to suit every individual's unique face shape and height. In this aspect, our skilful tailors will assess, measure and put together the subtle details of the individual, to create an always personalised piece.

Raphael Gabriel stops short at nothing to give each piece the attention and detail it needs to become a well-crafted shirt. We are masterful shirt makers who take pride in being meticulous about the workmanship of every aspect of each shirt, from collar stiffness to button quality, to create that handmade perfection.

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