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Fashion Director
When the latest trend is the subject in question, Wayne has all the answers. An explorer at heart who has traveled around the globe in search for bigger inspirations, he has brought back and infused the best influences from Korea, America, and Europe into his work. A true perfectionist in achieving the best fit and colour selection, clients look to Wayne for his attentive work. His signature style often ends with a dash of a unique tie clip, pocket square - small accessories that speaks of his passion to details.
Design Director
The perfect thinking man's tailor, Samuel has the natural sense of functional style and experience that enables him to envision the final product right from the touch of a single cloth sample. With the sheer vigour from his passion to help improve the fashion sense of local men, his loyal clients have elevated their presence through insightful consultations in men's grooming, cosmetic facial enhancements and height management. His preferred designs carries the signature tinge of classy flamboyance, a desirable trademark found only in his refined craft.
Style Designer
A design team is never complete without one who dares to challenge the consensus. Ansel's deeply rooted exposure in avant-garde fashion and his dare-to-be-different attitude has helped many clients push their boundaries beyond the usual fit. Flashy and stylish with an affirming surprise is the signature of his designs, combining with his flair for colours and a honest sincerity makes for a well-appreciated designer among his clients.
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