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Raphael Gabriel
The Prestige series offers shirts that are two-ply with a high thread count and are made in Italy. Made of supreme and durable quality, the fabric is beautiful, soft and smooth to the touch. This series retails at $149 and exemplifies the successful and enviable man who is ahead of the game. Nothing feels as rewarding as that deserving shirt on your back made from premium Italian fabric with the comfort and quality that the accomplished man only deserves.
Raphael Gabriel
The Couture series comprises exquisite colours and elegant fabrics. They retail at $249. These designs are of limited availability (no restock once sold out) and are seasonally updated, with some fabrics having up to a 200 thread count. The couture series is for the life of the party who knows how to dress up and dress well. You take pride in dressing for the occasion and attention always gravitates towards you. This range of fabrics is for the man who believes with grand conviction that "clothes make the man".
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